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Learn music and have fun!
SmoothGroove turns the basics into an exciting experience.

My Story

I was not a model student.

In fact, I really struggled to learn the basics as a young musician.

When I became a music teacher, I realized many of my students were dropping out because learning the essentials just wasn’t exciting enough for them.

Their big dreams were crushed by boredom, and it was heartbreaking to watch!

Instead of blaming the students for a lack of interest, I decided to create a solution to help them succeed.

I began looking at how the basics of music were taught, and what could be done to make it more vibrant and exciting for these young learners.

Then in 2022, SmoothGroove was born.

SmoothGroove Instruments Lessons Online

Music is full of life and passion, which is what I want everyone who picks up an instrument to experience for themselves.

At SmoothGroove we approach every aspect of music basics with an emphasis on fun!


From the way we keep tempo to the mindset behind each lesson, my goal here is to revolutionise the music learning industry forever.

Practising the basics doesn’t have to be dull.

 You aren’t just a student who has to learn a new technique;

you are a musician exploring the wonder of creating a work of art!

Music is an expression of who you are and learning to play an instrument should be just as fulfilling.

Each SmoothGroove exercise is about 3 minutes long.

This makes them super quick and effective.

You can do each lesson all by yourself, and you will continue to get better while still having fun.

The best part? It’s all free to use! 

This is my way of saying thank you to the universe for such a wonderful gift. ♥️ 

with much love Momo Sakura


There are 3 ways of support me. 

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Creating a fun space for everyone to learn music that spreads joy and creates a happier world! 

Our mission is to fill this world with beautiful music made by you!



Hi, my name is Momo Sakura, the Founder and creative force behind SmoothGroove.

 I am a composer, flautist, and teacher. 

I began my musical journey at just 9 years old learning the piano and picked up the flute at 10. 

While at Tokyo College of Music I majored in Flute Performance. 

In 1996, I moved to Australia where I became a flute teacher at private schools in Perth. I became a Japanese “kimono” flautist and then a composer. In 2015, I was granted full recognition as an artistic heritage by the State Library of Western Australia. 

Today, I am passionate about spreading the joy of music to others through SmoothGroove’s free, engaging music curriculum designed to make learning the basics enjoyable for everyone!