Let’s practise long-tone exercises with fun!

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Do you practise long-tone often? If your answer is Yes, you are a very good player! If you have a beautiful tone quality, your performance would have more power!! I do recommend that to practise long-tone with beats! Wouldn’t have to be dull or boring! It is very important to feel the groove even when […]

3 New exercises for Advanced flute players are added!

Just added 3 new exercises for Flautists! Funky Fifth and scale exercise https://smoothgroove.online/MS198/ Dancing scale exercise https://smoothgroove.online/MS199/ Fabulous 3-octave scale exercise https://smoothgroove.online/MS200/ Momo Sakura practise with these youtube videos every day! Highly recommended! x

Beginner’s scale in thirds 1 for Flute just added!

Level: beginner Hello beginner flautists! We just added Beginner’s scale in thirds for Flute 1!! Scales in thirds are very useful exercise, so get the sheet music and backing track now! Enjoy!! Beginner’s scale in thirds 1 for Flute sheet music Backing Track

Beginner’s scale exercise for Flute added!

Level: Beginner Hello Flute beginners!! We just uploaded new scale exercises for you!! Beginner’s C major scale exercise for Flute Beginner’s F major scale exercise for Flute Beginner’s G major scale exercise for Flute Very easy to follow, yet very effective!! There are 3 different tempo available! 80, 100, 120. Get them from here. Enjoy!